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Burch the Paranoid:

Preoccupied with the future, this monster is known for its tendency to obsess over potential (though highly unlikely) events to come. On occasion this may be seen as a strength – being cautions and foreseeing possible obstacles the future holds. However, Burch takes this to an excess, and does so at the expense of his human’s ability to deal with the present.

The anticipation of unrealistic and overly dramatized future events seems to come from perceived failures, past or upcoming, and a low value or expectation of his human. This process is commonly known as ‘future tripping’ and monsters like Burch are highly skilled in keeping their humans deep within their imagined scenarios long enough to turn them into obsessions.

Burch typically appears late at night, as his human is trying to fall asleep. He will begin by planting a small seed of doubt around some decision made earlier that week, or day. Burch’s presence will then nourish that seed, helping it root firmly into the humans thoughts. Burch has an uncanny ability to keep these thoughts within this subject causing so much doubt and anxiety. This monster’s paranoia can be paralyzing and, if experienced late at night, may lead to insomnia.

It can be difficult for the human to escape this spiral of compulsive negative thinking, especially when they are isolated (which is exactly when Burch tends to show up). This can make Burch the Paranoid one of the more difficult monsters to manage.


“Remember how you didn’t achieve your goals today and your life is spiraling?” – Burch the Paranoid


8x10" print on Matte Premium Rag Paper

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Burch the Paranoid

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