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Neville the Unspoken


Always near his human partner, Neville the Unspoken hides just beyond sight. He discourages his human from taking up space publicly, or standing up and speaking out. Neville fears the vulnerability behind such acts and so, in a misguided attempt to protect his human, he brings forth an overwhelming sense of exposure.


Neville is born with a touch of narcissism at his core. He would have his human believe that all the world is watching, ready to take them down for any perceived slip up in their words or composure. But it's highly unlikely that anyone would be lying in wait. The world is not watching - people are too busy with their own struggles and insecurities.


But Neville remains persistent. He'll make his human's blood pump so loud that their thoughts drown beneath the noise. He'll make their palms sweat so much they lose grip of reason.


This beast works relentlessly in almost every situation that requires connection and vulnerability. But ironically these very acts of connection and vulnerability can overpower him if given the chance. This weakness motivates him to keep his human hidden at any cost, making Neville the Unspoken one of the most difficult monsters to manage.



“Everybody’s staring and they all think you’re garbage” – Neville the Unspoken


8x10" print on Matte Premium Rag Paper

Price includes shipping

Neville the Unspoken

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