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Rufus the Charmer

Also known as “People Pleasing”. Though others may like him, Rufus is actually an incredibly devious monster, and master manipulator. His habits involve controlling the attitudes of others, ensuring they are always happy regardless of how draining or harmful it may be to his host human.

Rufus pressures his human into going above and beyond the norm to help others out so as to ensure those people are never let down. He convinces his host that they’re less important than others, and deserve nothing in return for their efforts.

This host runs the risk of making too many commitments, while at the same time, never asking for help, so as not to be considered “a bother”.  When inevitably some of these commitments are broken, this person may plunge into a state of depression or overwhelming anxiety.

Due to its fear of being disliked, Rufus will pull his host away from any tensions or conflicts that may arise. This stifles the host’s ability to properly negotiate or work out problems that come to light in their relationships with others. In extreme cases, this monster can even twist and distort its hosts personality, identity, and core values to suit the desires of others.


“If you don’t do everything they ever ask of you, then they’ll be miserable, and it’ll be your fault.” – Rufus the Charmer


8x10" print on Matte Premium Rag Paper

Price includes shipping

Rufus the Charmer

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